Delta OHM Class 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter And Analyzer


Delta OHM

Marka Delta OHM
Ürün Class 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter And Analyzer
Ürün Kodu HD2010.SFI8
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Standards Class 1 or 2 Group X according to IEC 61672-1:2013 Approval according to IEC 61672-1:2002 (I.N.RI.M. Approval Certificate No. 07-0124-02) Class 1 or 2 according to IEC 60651:2001 and IEC 60804:2000 Class 1 according to IEC 61260:1995 and IEC 61260-1:2014 Type 1 or 2 according to ANSI S1.4-1983 and S1.43-1997 Class 1-D, order 3, Extended range according to ANSI S1.11-1986 ½ inch Microphone UC52 condenser type, pre-polarized, for free field Dynamic Range 30 dBA ÷ 143 dB Peak Linearity range 80 dB Acoustic Parameters Spl, Leq, LeqI, SEL, LEP,d, Lmax, Lmin, Lpk, Dose, Ln Frequency Weightings Simultaneous A, C, Z (only C and Z for Lpk) Time Weighting Simultaneous FAST, SLOW, IMPULSE Integration From 1s to 99 hours with Back-Erase function Spectrum Analysis Parallel CPB filters in real time complying with class 1 specifications according to IEC 61260 • Octave bands from 32 Hz to 8 kHz • Third octave bands from 25 Hz to 12.5 kHz (“Third Octave” option) Average spectrum (AVR) mode – Multi-spectrum in “REPORT” mode Statistical Analysis It displays up to 3 percentile levels, between L1 and L99 Probability distribution and percentile level calculation from L1 to L99 • Parameter: LFp, Leq, Lpk A, C or Z -weighted (only C or Z for Lpk) • Sampling frequency: 8 samples/second Classification: Classes of 0.5 dB Combined Data logging Parallel profiles, reports, events acquisition Record of measuring reports with programmable intervals from 1 s to 1 hour with a customizable set of 5 parameters, complete statistical analysis and frequency spectra. Analysis of events • Calculation of 5 freely-programmable event parameters • Average spectrum calculation by octave and third octave bands • Calculation of statistical levels from L1 to L99 • Event identification trigger with programmable threshold and duration filter • External and manual trigger Reverberation Time (option HD2010.O4) Reverberation time measurement using sound source interruption or impulse response integration Reverberation time calculation in 1/3 octave requires option HD2010.O1 “Third Octave”. Profile Data Logging 1 profile with sampling 1 /8 s and 3 profiles with 2 samples/second, 5 parameters profiles in “Report” mode with minimum sampling interval 1s. Spectrum Data Logging Programmable sampling from 1 second to 1 hour (AVR mode). Multi-spectrum data logging in “Report” mode with minimum sampling interval 1s. Display Graphic backlit LCD display 128 x 64 • 3 parameters in numeric format • Profile LAFp with 8 samples/second • Octave band spectrum from 32 Hz to 8 kHz • Third octave band spectrum from 25 Hz to 12.5 kHz (option “Third Octave” ) • Graph of sound level probability distribution • Graph of percentile levels from L1  to L99 Memory Internal, equal to 8 MB (4 profiles for 23 hours or over 23 recording days of 3 parameters + spectra per minute) External, via the HD2010MC memory card interface, using MMC or SD cards up to 2 GB Input/Output • RS232 serial and USB interfaces • AC output (LINE) • DC output PC Programs Noise Studio (supplied with the instrument): PC interface for data download, set up and instrument management. Licensed software modules to be enabled by hardware key. • NS1“Workers protection” module. Analysis of noise in the workplace in accordance with ISO 9612/2011 and UNI 9432/2011. • NS2A“Acoustic pollution” module. Analysis of environmental noise. Analysis of the noise climate and assessment of noise from road, rail and airport according to the law. Some of the functions need option “Third octaves”. • NS3“Acoustic Insulation” module. Evaluation of airborne sound insulation, impact noise and sound absorption; buildings insulation classification (UNI 11367). Some of the calculation require option “Third octaves” and option “Reverberation time” installed in the sound level meter. Calculation according to ISO 16283, ISO 717 and ISO 354. • NS4 “Monitor” module. Acquisition in real time on PC. Synchronized audio recording. Remote monitoring and data capture. Connection via Modem. • NS5”Environmental Noise” module: environmental noise analysis. Noise sources identification with threshold conditions. Tonality and impulsiveness evaluation. Some of the functions require „Third octave“ option. Operating Conditions Working temperature -10…50 °C, 25…90% RH (not condensing), 65…108 kPa. Protection degree: IP64 Power Supply 4.8 V / 2.1 A NiMH rechargeable battery or external 5÷24 Vdc / 500 mA Dimensions and weight 445 x 100 x 50 mm equipped with preamplifier, 740 g (with batteries)

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